A bit about Worde

Worde was created and founded by Joshua Drummond and Lee Reid, an Australian New Zealander and a New Zealand Australian (really). We realised there must be a better way for people to make custom word art.

When looking for a birthday present for my mum, I (Josh) had the idea of getting her a piece of word art. Unfortunately, nothing in the shops seemed quite right, and there wasn’t any easy or fun way to make it online. I could have made something myself in Photoshop, but I wondered why there wasn’t an easier way.

What I really wanted was a way people like my mum could make great-looking word art for themselves, without needing any real technical knowledge.

So I got hold of my mate Lee, and together we created Worde, with the vision of making word art for everyone.I reckon this year I’ll be able to make a really cool Worde for mum’s birthday. (Sorry about missing the last one!)

Joshua Drummond

Joshua Drummond is the director of Worde as well as a professional writer and illustrator.

His website is tworuru.com.

Lee Reid

Lee Reid is a neuroscientist, computer programmer, and musician.

As well as programming Worde, Lee created Musink, a free music notation software program.

Bianca Cat

Professional Kitty & Worde mascot.