How do I pronounce “Worde”?

It’s pronounced like “wordy.”

What is the quality of the prints like?

The canvases that your word art is printed on are of absolutely fantastic quality. They’re light, yet well-made, durable, and have a silk finish that can be wiped clean.

Emoticons! Cool! But how do I make them?

Easy! Just type the following (without the “quotation marks”)
For a smiley, type “:)”
For a heart, type “<3”
For a star, type “@star”
For a note, type “@notes”


Why can’t I share my art on social media?

Did you see a message that looks like this when you clicked “share?”


You may have adblocking software enabled in your browser. Make sure to unblock (or “whitelist) on your adblocking software, then you’ll be able to share your Wordes with the world! Click here to go to a page explaining exactly how to do it.

All my words are crammed up on one line!

Worde thinks of each line as one “word.” Press enter to separate words. You can leave a couple of words on one line (especially if they’re short words.) Have a look at the example below.


How do I change the colour of my word art?

It’s easy: just click the “Colours” tab at the right of the Worde app. You can pick from existing colour themes by clicking the “Themes” button, or specify a text or background colour. Clicking “colour every word” allows you to choose specific colours! Try experimenting with Worde to see what happens.

Argh! The main app view changed to look like word art hanging on a wall!

That’s our word art preview. Don’t worry! Just click through the previews (by clicking anywhere on the image) to get back to the main view.

Worde is changing the order of the words I’ve typed!

If you want your words to stay in the same order you’ve typed them, click “Options” then click the “Keep words in order” checkbox.


I’m working with a big template, but can’t think of any more words!

Feel free to click “Options” and check “Repeat words” if you want to fill up the available spaces in one of our big templates.

My words look all s  p  a  c  e  d    o  u  t!

Worde automatically spaces out words to fit available spaces. If you’re using “keep words in order” things can sometimes look a bit spacey. Try using more than one word on one line!

More questions…

We’ll add more FAQs to this page as we get them – feel free to ask by emailing

I’ve got a question that isn’t answered here!

Please feel free to ask any questions about Worde! Contact us by emailing